About Oasis

Oasis is where you can explore your creative potential, share your creations, and make friends along the way!

Love fashion and always wanted to be a designer? Don’t wait anymore: try it!

Is interior design your jam? Are you all about that aesthetic, that perfect ambience? We’ve got you covered!

Or maybe you want to learn about 3D modeling or environment art in a setting where you can see your work as a part of already existing game. Yup, we’ve got a thing for you too.

Okay, wait – relax – if you’re thinking, “But Oasis, I just want to make some new friends, have some fun, and express myself through my awesome character!” We are HERE for you, my friend; Oasis welcomes people from around the world, and everything other people create in Oasis is yours to play with, too!

Create your account and start exploring now! (to replace current text by the ‘register now’ button, which has a typo)

You can try Oasis for free to get a taste and if you decide you want more, a single payment of $20 will unlock all game features – forever! This offer won’t be around forever, though, so why don’t you give it a try now?


Create accout now, and see you in-world soon!

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